Now that you have your date, be prepared

The Day the Date is Set - Checklist

□  Make reservations – Ask for an address, price range, dress code requirements, etc.                                        

□  Map out directions to location – Print one out as a back-up

□  Wash car – Check level of gas, oil, water & air         

□  Verify funds – Credit limit/cash

□  Check weather for the day you are meeting

□  Check hair, nails, skin, mustache/beard/goatee/eyebrows, teeth – Make appointments where applicable

□  Choose Attire – Select several options, try on clothing options, VERIFY clothes fit properly & are clean        

□  Verify items to be used are in acceptable condition: golf clubs, tennis racket, picnic basket, bowling ball & shoes, beach blanket, etc.

The Day of the Date - Checklist

□   Set an alarm when to start getting ready & when to leave – Give at least a 15 minute cushion

   Check the weather for the day – Consider what to bring when applicable (e.g., coat, umbrella, sunscreen)

□   Gather what to bring – Keys, wallet, your dates number, cell phone, directions, breath mints, comb/brush, make-up, chap stick, etc.  

□   Verify funds – Credit limit/Cash

□   Shower, clean nails, use deodorant/antiperspirant, shave, apply moisturizer

□   Brush teeth, scrape tough, use mouthwash

□   Spray cologne/perfume, apply makeup, brush/style hair

□    CAREFULLY LOOK IN A FULL LENGTH MIRROR, FRONT & BACK – Verify you look impressive

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