Dating Do’s & Dont’s – Rules of Modern Day Dating

Being single and dating today can be the most frustrating, intimidating and heartbreaking experience. However, if you know what you are doing, it can be an exciting, joyful and rewarding experience. Here are some secrets to success!



Do Get your SEXY Back!!

No one wants to date you when you remind them of their parent! Find your sexy again. Sexy can be as individual as your DNA – the trick is to find it. The number one sexiest attribute is going to be…Read More

Do Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room

If your date is asking you a lot questions and you feel like your in HELL, ask him/her … Read More

Do be CONFIDENT in yourself

Watch closely what actors and actresses look like when they play a characters on screen. It is not just that they are good looking … Read More

Do Look for the Beautiful Person, Not Just a Pretty Face

Try to concentrate on what kind of person they more than what they look like less. If you find someone that was raised in a similar background, lives a similar lifestyle and Read More

Don't Chase a Ghost

You are never going to find an exact replica of your dearly departed. For those of you who are dating for the first time since the death of your significant other, you may be looking for…Read More

Don't talk about Your EX!!

It is common knowledge to not talk about certain subjects on the first date: religion, politics, etc. But what about your ex? That needs to be a hard Read More

Don't Turn your date into an Interview

When you are meeting someone new, don’t start rattling off a bunch of questions. This isn’t a job interview. True you are tryingRead More

Don't Forget, you are NOT perfect!!

Online dating is the rage now. It seems to be the modern way to meet people. With so many dating sites all full of massive amounts of choices at your fingertips, it may be easy to Read More

Pamper Yourself, You have earned it!!

Want to live a fuller, happier, life? The key is to simply learn to think differently about yourself. I believe a few simple changes can Read More

Who Pursues Who??

There seems to be new ideas out there about what the roles of  men and women are when it comes to finding love. Woman and men are now pursuing equality; so who should make the first move? Read More

Pick Up the Phone!!

Serious about finding someone special??….STOP TEXTING!! Don’t understand why you don’t seem to connect?? STOP TEXTING!! Want to gain respect?? STOP TEXTING!! Want to be taken seriously?? STOP TEXTING!! This is all pretty simple, you cannot create a connection with someone by texting them.

``Wanna Meet for Coffee?`` Come on, you can do better!!

With so many people turning to online dating,  something to remember, this is basically “a blind date.” You have not met this person before. You may attempt Read More

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