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Specifically for Single Men & Women, Ages over 40 only. Within the US

Fun to LUV is quite different

My name is Michele, I am a matchmaker and dating coach. After years of working for one of the largest matchmaking companies in the nation & providing thousands of hours coaching clients, I knew I could offer much more to singles, so I developed Fun to LUV.  I provide matchmaking, date coaching and several other services specifically for single men and women, ages 40 years old and up, within the US. Singles 40 and older reentering the dating world is very different than singles in their 20’s & 30’s. Today, most singles use an online dating website to meet new people. Many don’t know how to actually meet the quality singles they are hoping for. Nor do they know which site to choose, what to write on their profile, what pictures to use or what the basic “rules” of dating are today.

I believe that true quality matchmaking requires time, attention & care who you are introduced to. Date coaching  needs to address all the challenges singles experience, while providing the tools to find that special person. This can be done while building your confidence, proving that dating in today’s world really can be FUN!

If you are interested in matchmaking, coaching or any of the other services, complete the enrollment form  to become a client. You will be receiving a call to discuss what your needs are, what your goals are and what services are available to meet those needs and goals. I look forward to working with you.


Date coaching – Learn how to:

♥ Attract quality singles

♥ Understand who your compatible with, through our comprehensive personality test

♥ When/how to communicate, what to say or reply when first contact is made

♥ How to flirt

♥ What/where to go on a date for the best results

♥ Recognize when your date is interested or not, know how to show your date you are interested

♥ Know how to get the second date & more

♥ Turn a date into a relationship

♥ Have the confidence to get what you want

♥ How to turn down a date graciously

Additional Services:

♥ Rewrite your online dating profile

♥ Review your online dating photos

♥ Review your appearance/dating wardrobe

♥ Find out which personality type you are and the personality types you are compatible with

♥ Post a background check to your online profile (Prove you are free of crime/sex offenses)

Matchmaking Service: How it works

♥ Extensive interview, including a personality test

♥ Selection of an online dating site

♥ Write your online dating profile

♥ Selection of online dating profile photos (Referral to professional photographer when warranted)

♥ Background check, posted on your dating profile

♥ Selection of potential candidates,  introduction as your matchmaker

♥ Interview the potential matches

♥ Introduction to the compatible matches

♥ Coaching, suggestions, advise

♥ Entire process is visible to clients


Clients' Stories

I was with an online dating service and was very frustrated and disappointed that I was having no luck with the ladies. I would spend too many nights and long hours looking at pictures and reading profiles. I wrote to a lot of users, but they did not go anywhere! I would get a response from maybe 1 or 2 out of about 100 in a week. I hired Michele, and within 3 weeks I had a girlfriend!  -J

Want to learn how to date? Then ask Michele

Michele was great! I didn’t know what I was doing, and I couldn’t get a date to save my life. Only losers were writing to me. I learned what to say, changed my photo and who to reply to. It really made a huge difference. -Ms. S

I’m used to doing things my way, but I wasn’t meeting anyone I  wanted to see again. Honestly, I am kind of a lazy guy and she showed me what I wasn’t doing right. Sorry I was such a pain. -Jim

My name is Milan, I am 59 years old, born and raised in the Czech Republic. This became an issue when I decided I was ready to start dating again. It is very different here than where I grew up. I went to a matchmaking service where I met Michele. I had a difficult time with the ladies I was meeting and really didn’t know why.

Michele gave me advice from the beginning, but I didn’t want to hear it (typical of my culture). Finally, when I was sick of being rejected I started to listen to Michele and what she had to say. I learned so much about myself and what I was doing that it turned the woman off.  Michele also rewrote my Match.com profile and changed the pictures too, I noticed a difference right away. I still talk to Michele when I do or say something that gets me into trouble and she is always there for me. I get really good advice from her.

BTW: I do have a girlfriend now, thanks to Michele.


I became a widow 4 years ago. I’m 72, but still young at heart and full of energy. The men I was meeting were BORING. I hadn’t dated in over 50 years (I married my high school sweetheart) so everything was so must different than what I remembered. I met Michele from a matchmaking service. We talked about what I could do to make dating more fun and it worked!

-Mrs. Jackie M

I was dating the girl of my dreams, but I could see we were heading into the “friends” zone. With Michele’s encouragement, I found the courage and confidence to turn her into a girlfriend. We have been together for over a year now, and I am now shopping for engagement rings. -Brian

Meeting a nice guy seemed impossible for me. I kept trying Match.com and then would give up again. I decided to try getting some help. After changing the profile and the pictures I have to admit that the guys that write me now are a lot better.

-Colleen S

I got divorced after 25 years of marriage & I was terrified of dating again. I found Michele and what a difference she made. I would never have believed it but I’m actually having a lot of fun. Thanks Michele

I am really busy, I just don’t have time to spend looking online. When I hired Michele, she re-wrote my profile, sent me to a photographer and then went into my account, searched for ladies who she knew I would like and introducing me to them. I was amazed how easy she made it all for me. Michele and I spoke at least a couple of times a month, she gave me great advice and ideas. I was ready to just give up and be alone. I am so glad I didn’t and decided to try Michele, WORTH EVERY DIME!!

John C.

So happy I gave her a chance. Thanks Michele

I got a background check done and posted it on my profile. It seems to make a difference to the ladies.

After getting a divorce & raising my girls, my confidence was shot when it came to dating again. My friends encouraged and paid for me to go to a matchmaker, this is when I started working with Michele. I tried going out with a couple of guys, but my past was still haunting me.

We decided to just concentrate on getting me over my ex. I listened to what Michele kept telling me, and wow! It took a couple of dates and lots more “coaching”, but soon I was this whole different person. I wasn’t scared anymore; I felt like I really had something to offer.


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